Metaverse E-Sports League

The Metaverse E-Sports League offers an open classification of play, starting from youth development to minor league professional.  Metaverse Sports League players are trained by highly experienced professionals, having progressed through professional developmental levels (A, AA, AAA). More than 40% of Metaverse Sports League players have major league service time. While the highest level of club teams pay players to win games, apprenticeships in developmental sports are offered at all levels and age groups.

There are a set amount of rosters spots for each age group in order to facilitate all players.  There are more than 100,000 rosters spots, nationwide.

In addition to opportunities for athlete development, the Metaverse Sports League prides itself on creating fun and affordable family entertainment.  There are an average of 5,000 spectator seats planned in up to 200 locations creating up to 365 million spectator events, nationwide.

The Metaverse Sports League can be accessed by CLICKING HERE.

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