NFT Owned Sports League
Metaverse Sports League will be launching the 1st NFT owned sports league concept in the world.
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Own A Seat In the Metaverse and Real Life Stadiums
What you get in the metaverse, you also get in real life. Own a piece of our metaverse and get first choice of tickets for virtual sports and entertainment events in our metaverse stadiums and other seat license perks outlined in the white paper
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Sports Management
Enroll and learn how to earn money through sports in the metaverse and in real life.
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Community Revitalization
Designed to bring access and commerce to underserved communities.
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Real & Virtual Sports & Entertainment Complex
One place for sports & entertainment of all types. Experiences in the metaverse and in real life.
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Minor League
Affordable surfaces for 2000 Minor League Teams in 10 Sports. Cheer on your local club as they persue a national championship.
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Youth Athlete Development
Affordable sports programs for ages 4-14.
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Ownership Opportuniteis
Recent Announcements

Club Ownership

Each sports complex consists of  10 sports clubs for various team sports. Ownership opportunities of sports clubs. Eliminate schedule conflicts Eliminate price gouging. You own

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Our sports focused daycare allows kids to learn and practice multiple sports as they develop.

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Personal Seat License

The Metaverse Sports League Membership License (MSL) is a license that must be purchased for some of the best seating areas at any one of our 200 locations throughout the United States, in order to become a seat license holder for concerts, sporting events and other entertainment events.

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Media Relations

Metaverse Projects

Our metaverse stadiums and the experience the metaverse can bring to IRL (in real life) experiences are as limited as a mind can imagine.  Professional

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Multi Sports Complexes

Fan Owned