Why Did You Launch the Metaverse Sports League?

The Metaverse Sports League was designed to revitalize communities and provide access to sports programs for underserved communities without the typical barriers to entry such as cost.  Expenses for youth and amateur sports are often unreasonable, so we found an affordable way to offer not only reasonable costs, but also programs and applications to help athletes learn proper technique, early in their development.  We even have adult and minor league playing opportunities.

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Together with our customers, suppliers and partners, we lead the development towards a better and more sustainable future. We act forcefully in the transition to

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Our sports focused daycare allows kids to learn and practice multiple sports as they develop.

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Personal Seat License

The Metaverse Sports League Membership License (MSL) is a license that must be purchased for some of the best seating areas at any one of our 200 locations throughout the United States, in order to become a seat license holder for concerts, sporting events and other entertainment events.

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